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    That house is for sale

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    • for sale 和 sold 有何不同?

      For sale:出售These fully furnished bungalows are for sale.這些裝設齊全的洋房要出售Sold out:賣完Those fully furnished...

    • 英文單子的不同?

      ...down this month.這個月的銷售額減少了。4. 銷路[U][C]There was no sale for black and white TV sets.黑白電視機沒有銷路。5. (尤指季節性或存貨...

    • (急)英文改錯...請高手幫忙-///-

      1. All the real estates in this area are for sales. All the real estate in this area is for sale.   2. There have...