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    be forward to help others

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    • 複數疑問: 用單數或複數 English will help you in this job. Others on you list are the same. 2012-09-02 00...hope I have a chance to develop my interest and... looking forward to an opportunity to further...

    • 數個高中英文文法問題

      ...對我而言,對我們而言 6)We’re so selfish (that we look forward to new shoes), when we should be saving money to help others (when the war is over), to salvage whatever we can. 我拿掉that從屬連接詞...

    • (英文翻譯)(自我介紹)(20點)

      ... I grow up, change to look forward to help others to do good, see the traditonal Chinese medical doctor's father, there is a feeling in my heart: the occupation...