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    • 英翻中 (物理治療) 急!!!!

      此外, 腿筋和quadricps 肌肉的co 收縮被觀察穩定膝蓋。Giove 等發現更高的水平體育參與由腿筋力量是相等對或大於他們的quadricps 力量的ACL 短少患者達到了。婦女找到有顯著高峰腿筋肌肉扭矩的更加緩慢的世代比較人。Huston 和...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯這段~3Q (急)一O一”

      A recent study found that HIV positive people deficient in vitamin B12 tend to develop AIDS in roughly half the time that people who are not deficlent (4 years vs 8 yeare). perhaps the extremely hing turnover of immune system...

    • 化妝品原料報告,有關於Vitamin F請會的人幫我翻繹

      ... to eat a modern diet completely deficient in EFAs. 即使如此,事實上...有困難. 6.The EFAs are very important to the maintenance of the...7.Linoleic acid is found in high concentration in ceramides...