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    • 請幫我檢查一下一小段英文,文法上有無錯誤?

      ... parents came from ordinary families. They are hard-working and optimistic. They taught me by setting disciplinary examples and by talking to me in an encouraging...

    • 請教英文句子

      ... setting ? 較冷的水減緩?設定? warmer AND harder water FASTENS setting ? 較溫的水及硬水加速?設定? the impression should be poured as soon as possible ? the impression應該要盡快倒出 after having...

    • 介系詞(的選擇題x12題

      ...progress. (6) He pushed a button and set the machine in motion. (7) We waited for the arrival of the next bus. (8) My aunt is hard of hearing. (9) Excessive...