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    • World AIDS Day, held on 1 December each year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection
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    • in a position from which there is no easy retreat

    • to prove definitely inferior; to pale before (or beside); to be outshone; to be inferior by comparison; to look sick; cannot hold a candle to (sb.)

    • preconceived notions take a strong hold; be prejudiced by first impressions

    • Global Assembly Cache (a machine-wide store used to hold assemblies that are intended to be shared by several applications on the machine)

    • ovoviviparous (an animal who holds the eggs inside its body until they hatch and living young are delivered; however, the embryo is sustained by the contents of the egg and not by any connection to the animal that holds it)

    • [Finance] active box (securities held by a brokerage firm that meet specific qualifications are used as collateral for securing brokers' loans or customers' margin positions)

    • (of ships) run aground; be stranded; reach a deadlock; be held up by some obstacle

    • be delayed; be held up by or burdened with sth.

    • [liter] be held back by rain

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