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  1. be hooked on sb.

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    • 請各位幫我解決以下的英文片語

      all ears: 洗耳恭聽 / at the tip of one's tongue: 差一點就衝口而出 / all walks of life:各行各業 / be caught red-handed:當場被逮 / (Your questions are too many for now. ^__^)

    • 英文文法問題(三題)

      ...jacket's hanging on the hook. Sb. hangs the jacket on the hook. 也就是說hang可以是 transitive及物,也就是說...被動 所以您的講法 he put on the uniform which was hung in the closet. 是可以接受的...

    • 英文句子或片語用法差異

      ... of us will live on the land. (人數可數數量的... buy VCRs or hook up to cable-TV ...看到這句話: My life is entirely given up give Sth up to Sb 是個慣用語,指將某人原本...