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    be imitative of

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    • 語言學-單字-翻譯-10點

      ...-->use of word that are imitative of sounds occurringin nature or that have...produce and understand an infinite number of linguistic terms that have never been expressed before and that may express...

    • 英文幼教相關文章翻譯 急!!

      你需要鼓勵並重視適合你孩子的年齡, 個別興趣及需求的遊戲 當你的小孩忙著玩一些受到電視節目, 電影或玩具影響的暴力性或模仿性的遊戲時, 你要幫助她並將她帶入她自己的創造力及想像力內. 不管你如何看待這類的遊戲, 只要你幫小孩的遊戲變得越有創造力, 遊戲本身就會變得不再...

    • 英文程度強的大大請進~感激不盡 is the most western culture street in Japan) (It can't be imtated because of its unique culture.) (As the Wall Street in New...