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    be immersed in

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    • 英文文法的小問題~~

      ...分詞)的用法,原本應該是immerse A in B,改成被動後,變成A be immersed in B 例句:He immersed himself in his work. =>...

    • 請問一個物理題目

      ...the critical angle for light propagating in glass with n=1.52 when the glass is immersed in (a) water,(b) benzene,and (c) diiodomethane? 光在n=1.52的玻璃中傳播的臨界角為何...

    • 麻煩幫我修改英文文法?

      ...writer "also wants" to "tell" people "that we" should not be immersed in the past, "and that" only the present "moment" can "create" a...