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  1. be impatient to

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      急於得到或知道, 急欲做某事
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    • 1. 急於得到或知道, 急欲做某事 The horses were impatient to start in the race. 馬急著要開始比賽。


    急於得到或知道, 急欲做某事

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    • wait 等待 / keep 等待  的用法?

      因為不定詞片語在邏輯上的受詞是本句的主詞the class,所以不定詞要用被動態to be kept 。 Someone had kept the class waiting for a long time, so the class was impatient. 在原主詞不如受詞重要的狀況下,常改用原受詞為句子的主詞,將動詞變成...

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      ...a big gift to oneself. 2006-12-22 16:05:57 補充: A each one child is too impatient to open the gift every other day, wonder what rewards oneself. By 1822...

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      ... about you would reply my email ever. i know you are very busy. i was always impatient to learn the the thing or people i like. i am so sorry. it seems like i...