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  1. be-in

    • KK[ˋbiˋɪn]
    • DJ[ˋbi:ˋin]


    • n.
    • 相關詞
    • ph.
    • ph.
      喝醉 He is always in liquor. 他老是喝得醉醺醺的。
    • ph.
      構成大部分/大多數 Among the members of the committee those who favour the proposed changes are in the majority. 委員中贊成提出修改意見的佔大多數。
    • ph.
      深植於 The collecting instinct is deeply rooted in human nature. 收集的本能深植於人性之中。
    • ph.
      生活優裕 After he won the competition, his whole family was in clover for the rest of their lives. 他贏得比賽後, 他全家從此過著優裕的日子。
    • ph.
      對...感興趣 He did not seem at all interested in the subject. 他對這題目似乎一點也不感興趣。
    • ph.
      專心於... His whole soul is absorbed in saving his country. 他的全部精力都放在救國問題上。
    • ph.
      精通...; 熟悉... He is proficient in English. 他精通英文。
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