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    be in a brown study

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    • 有關顏色的英文諺語

      ...of the blue---意外地 Once in a blue moon---千載難逢地 Till one is blue in the face---努力和持久到了極點 Brown as a berry---皮膚曬地黝黑 In a brown study---沉思,默想 A whited sepulchre---偽君子 Tickled...

    • 英語片語翻譯 The newbie is green

      ...菜鳥 green 的話其實就是沒經驗 生嫩的意思 2. You're not yellow, are you? 你不是怕了吧? (我不太確定這個答案啦) 3. study in brown 我只查到一首爵士名曲叫「study in brown」 不過brown study是沈思冥想的意思...

    • 可以幫我翻成中文嗎??(20點)

      ...一個普通的辦公室。The third group was in a tastefully desinged living room with ...房間的人給同樣照片較好的評價。Other studies suggest that students of better on...