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  1. be in a flap

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    • What is aflapin Phonetices

      那是一種舌頭抵住上顎的發音方式,如[t], [l]等音:In phonetics and phonology, a flap consonant is a sound produced by brief contact between the tongue and the roof of the mouth...

    • 請問幾句英文翻譯leapy leap/flappy flap

      ...飛呀飛」 的說法。 1.down in the jungle where the leaves...落葉在叢林樹下積得很深 2.with a leapy leap/flappy flap/stompy stomp/swingy swing/shaky shake...滿嚇人的。 3.the stars are shining bright 星兒們亮晶晶...

    • 關於英文一些基本文法(分詞構句)問題?

      ...看就覺得 There are hundreds of national flags which are ___in the wind. 空格中填flapping 句子就是很普通、很常見、很完美的句子了。 我想要注意動詞的vi的用法...