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    be in a state of grace

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    • States是什麼意思??

      ...名詞 變化形 states; 1.狀況, 狀態[C] The vice president is in a state of poor health. 副總統健康狀況不佳。 2.情況; 形勢[C] 3.形態; 心態; 興奮...

    • state, status 都表狀態時,有何差別? dangerous for a man with heart problem to be in an excited state. He is in a state of shock. 沮喪的樣子: He's been in a state since ...

    • 請幫忙英文造句(10)

      1. I am always in a state of nerves on the eve of an examination. 2...6. I always think that you do take me for a fool. 7. Whar are two fuzzy things: a) woolen sweater b) scarf