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    be in agreement with sb.

    • ph.
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    • 幫忙翻譯英文一下~謝謝喔

      ... The average 6MWD for our sample was 392m, which is in agreement with previous literature reporting a range of 6MWD values from 315...

    • favorable agreement 的中文解釋

      in agreement with 是符合, 一致的意思 加了 favorable 只是更加強調其一致性 整句大概意思是 這項觀察的結果和使用ETFOS軟體所做的介質堆疊模擬結果是非常符合的 ...

    • 幫我看看翻譯 給個意見 correct! However, the two other versions of sentences are NOT the same! Peter nodded in agreement with smiling (彼得點頭與微笑) "in agreement with" means "...