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    • Through the fire and flames的歌詞

      ...before the light. 在光線出現之前(的時候) In flames of death's eternal reign, 在 死亡 的 永恆... down 當 黑暗 降臨 and the times are tough alright. 而 時代 是無法無天的(棘手的...

    • 關於科技英文的翻譯,還有簡述 flaming的定義

      ... a swell of negatively within online discussion groups and results in little, if any, productively. Flaming is unfortunateli one of the most common breaches of online netiquette.Instead...

    • 英文造句~超超超超急!!!(要跟我的格式一樣 20點)

      ...仍在爆發。 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.flame The factory was in flames. 工廠失火了。 -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.rescue He...