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  1. be in on the act

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    • act的用法 (10點)

      ...acting up again. 她的關節炎又復發了 <<慣用語>> be in on the act 參與 clean up (one's) act ((俚語)) 改進某人的舉止或表現 get into the act 中途...

    • Decree vs. law vs. act

      What’s the difference among “decree” and “law” and “act”? 先說比較普騙常用的: 1. law 是一般名詞...尾龜者不行用法權來置財.只能用行政制裁. Are they interchangeable (in legal sense) or there exists subtle difference...

    • 拜託大大幫我信件中翻英>< (急) 謝謝了!

      ..., I am **** In fact, I was not on the Sherlock Holmes story completely...story was completely fascinated acting, so I became Moore...