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    be in quarantine

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    • 急!急!急!徵求英文聽力超強的高手

      ... away to an isolation ward in a hospital, but the rest of the guests here are either in quarantine in the hotel or have been taken away to holiday villages outside...

    • 英文翻譯 幫我翻譯一下

      第一章 很久以前,有三個兄妹,兩個哥哥分別傑瑞叫和吉米,而妹妹名叫凱西。他們去西英格蘭一個小鎮裡的寄宿學校上學,但三人的學校不盡一樣。在那時候,男生就讀男校,而女生必須去女校。 在學期末的時候,他們都已經準備好回家過暑假,兄妹三人都很興奮。表妹貝蒂在家裡等...

    • 英文題目的問題0.0

      ... after the outbreak of SARS, all the patients in the hospital were quarantined "in case" they would not spread the virus which they might carry . SARS爆發後不久...