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  1. be involved with

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      涉及某種情況或活動, 熱中某事, 和某人關係緊密
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    • 1. 涉及某種情況或活動, 熱中某事, 和某人關係緊密 The nation is involved with building capitalism. 國家正朝建立資本主義方向走。 She is intensely and emotionally involved with her husband's public appearances. 她緊張, 興奮得熱中參與丈夫在公共場合的露面。


    涉及某種情況或活動, 熱中某事, 和某人關係緊密


    「涉及某種情況或活動, 熱中某事, 和某人關係緊密」的反義字

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      ...dermatology at Harvard School who was not involved with the research,called it "striking...句應為: And the findings are of interest (介系詞 of+ 名詞 interest=形容詞...

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