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    be little accounted of

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    • 這個童話故事的英文是什麼呀? 幫幫我

      ...the clergyman, “Look here, if you will give me the little girl, I will take care of her.” Karen believed that this was all on account of the red shoes, but the old lady thought ...

    • Some basic acc assignments

      ...nonetheless. a) revenue section of income statement Sales... sales revenue account, you have to close your.... Since there is no expense listed in... I will be little questionable about the sales...

    • 求助~~英文翻譯~~不要軟體翻的~要通順~~

      有些人作每件事都是依據習俗, 且認為好的習俗可千古流傳. 反之而言, 有些人則相信, 我們需要的是內心的改變, 相對而言, 習俗就不是那麼重要. 兩種觀點我都無法接受. 習俗影響行為, 而行為會轉換成習俗. 兩者的革新必須攜手並進. 若每個人都想保有他們所該有的主動性和彈性, 他們不能...