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  1. be near to ...

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      幾乎, 差點兒
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    • 1. 幾乎, 差點兒 She was near to tears. 她差點兒就哭了。


    幾乎, 差點兒

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    • near to a new breakfast shop ____ to my house. (A)There is a new breakfast shop near my house. (B...;例句>He is very near to me. http://tw.dictionary...

    • 水樓台先得月, 向陽花木易為春.中譯英

      ...向陽花木易為春. The reflect of the moon is near to the waterside balcony The sunshiny plants...修改如下: The reflect shadow of the moon is near to the waterside balcony..... 2014-01-14 23:06:17 補充...

    • (英文)各位英文高手有誰可以幫翻譯一段呢?感謝你~(20點)

      ... the document to Everyone who was nearest to the department and he accepted it politely..., they fought with each other to hand over the document to the Boss. The...