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  1. be off


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    • ph. 富有

    • They may not be millionaires, but they are sufficiently well off to be able to make trips abroad. 他們也許不是百萬富翁, 但是相當的富有, 可以到國外旅行。

    • ph. 境況較佳, (對於做某事來說)是較為明智的

    • Because of his asthma, he would be better off in a different climate. 由於他的哮喘病, 他在另一種氣候下生活會更覺得舒服些。

      He'd be better off going to the police about it. 他最好把這件事報告警方。

    • ph. 比以前更窮, 更不愉快, 更不健康等

    • The increase in taxes means that we'll be 30 pounds a month worse off. 交稅增多後我們每月收入就要少了30英鎊。

      I've only broken my arm; other patients are far worse off than me. 我只是胳膊折了, 其他病人比我嚴重得多。

    • ph. 發怒,厭惡

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    • ph. 貧困

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    • ph. 和…斷絕關系

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    • ph. 境況好

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    • be off to???

      The ice rink is right in front. The tennis courts are off to the left past the ice rink. 溜冰場就在前面。網球場在溜冰左邊再過去有一段...

    • to be off and running 該如何翻譯

      版主您好, (To be) off and running 應該源自體壇,常使用在跑步比賽、賽馬等。意思是「已經...計畫,「已經開始進行」。並且還有目前一切進行順利的含意。 舉例: 新聞標題 - Off And Running: Ontario Election Campaign...

    • 什麼是I’ll be off.

      I'll be off. 通常是指不上班 What are you up to? 就是說"你要去幹嘛?" 像我有時候去買咖啡,店員在幫我做咖啡時,他會問我"what are you up to?"就是說接下來要幹麻? You've had this ...