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    be on one's back

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    • 可以幫忙翻譯嗎?20點

      ...part and central part arrive earliest during the time of 5 and 6. It is easy for the beach sea country here for doing on one's way back when returning to the north and central part in the same, parting from...

    • 幫我用這些英文片語造句唄~20點喔

      ... parents. 6. It's better be the head of a dog, than the tail of a lion. 7. Jack really has a monkey on his back. He needs help immediately. 8. Dont...

    • back home??

      有一個像在芝麻街裡面的銀行 還有一個像在家鄉裡面hooper先 生的店 這邊的back home是 在家鄉裡面 的意思 就像有時候你人在外面阿 看到一家店 你覺得很熟悉 你就會講"這好像以前我住的那邊的某一家店"