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  1. be on one's last legs

    • ph.
      危殆; 糟糕
    • 釋義


    • 1. 危殆; 糟糕 My car is on its last legs -- it keeps breaking down. 我的汽車快不行了--總出毛病。
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    • last的詞性和意思

      .... 僅餘的。 片語: for the last time 最後一次。 in one's last moment 臨死時;臨終之前。 on one's last legs 筋疲力竭;徹底失敗;垂死。 put the last hand to 加工;完成。 the...

    • 立正,起立....,這些英文怎麼說??

      ...快掛了!醫護兵!醫護兵呢?  死亡的委婉說法:be at peace, depart this life, gathered to one's fathers, gone, on one's last legs, out of the world,  屍體:body(戰場上數陣亡人數...

    • 一些英文的片語,請大大幫我翻成中文

      ...learn by heart背記;背誦) He was always saying things like “ 『 I’m on cloud nine』,” or “I... someone’s leg』 (愚弄某人) 『long faces...