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  1. be on one's way

    • have started one's journey
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    • have started one's journey

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    • 請用以下的句子幫忙造句!!!

      As long as one is willing to do (what it takes) to (become a big name), by (starting at the bottom) and (working one's way up), there is no doubt that one will be (on the road) to be (a huge hit).

    • on the way是快要生嗎?

      ...在(往.…的)(做.…)的途中((to ...;to doing)) 例. on one's [or the] way back [home, to school] 華文譯:在歸途[在返家途中,在去學校的途中] 例. be well on the way to doing 日本譯:することがかなり進んでいる. (2)在進行...

    • 英文翻譯(請勿使用網路翻譯軟體)

      ...有罪惡感。 9.Most of the people auroud us were teenagers. 我們周遭的大多數是青少年。 10.It's too dark to see one,s way into the room. 房間裡太暗而看不到路。(應該有引申...