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    be on the track of sb.

    • ph.
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    • 求英文造句+翻譯

      ...打破沉默 He tried to break the ice of the conversation, but is was useless. (38) break through 突破 It...angry. 2010-02-02 05:10:12 補充: (40) break up with sb. 與某人絕交 I broke up with ...

    • 英文造句好多個 都不太會 幫幫忙~

      ...this good opportunity. 7. on a…basis 8 I am very glad to take part...00:47:24 補充: 1 The new child in the process of evaluation. 3 i want...away. 4 The track is going...

    • 〝急〞常用高中英文片語、承接語、結論(15點喔>”<!!)

      ...make sure確定、務必 make the best of逆來順受 make up補償、和解...mind下定決心 run across/into sb(sth)不期而遇 run away逃跑 up to跑到 keep an eye on留意 keep house做家事's hand保持冷靜 keep track of跟蹤 keep up維持再同...