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    • Kansas請幫我把這段英文翻成中文,謝謝!

      ... that they have a sunflower on their flag. The state seal reflects what was happening in the state during...發生過的事情。 Covered wagons are moving west...

    • 計量問題-看不太懂的英文

      ...with an automatic transmission plus a trailder hitch 6. Station wagon 6-cylunder with a manual transmission plus a trailder hitch 而他說的...11 00:27:09 補充: 所以如同上面說得是6 combinations on the available 5 options.

    • windwagon是什麼意思呢?

      ...他們駕著風力篷車。 A windwagon was a regular wagon with a giant sail on top. No animals were needed to pull the wagon. Whenever the wind blew, it would catch the sail and send the windwagon...