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  1. be one's own boss

    • ph.
      be self-employed
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    • ph.
      be self-employed

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • 關於英文翻譯和文法問題

      ... to see others' face either, I am one's own boss, I am me, have entered me and written a view on the thing that...

    • 急~中翻英

      ...a boss, this can't but be a great leap in life. He, also as the partner and boss, sells some in order to let one's own rice be easy, he goes to promote from house to house, sell for more as as possible. ...

    • 我的破英文幫我改英文

      ... ability with high performance 我的目標是想成為自己的老闆 My goal is to run my own business 沒有期望只是希望大學畢業後能朝自己的興趣f去做 I do not have...