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  1. be out on one's ear

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    • 英文片語問題請幫忙翻譯 找不到

      1.close your ears 充耳不聞,置之不理 2.ears are flapping 正豎著耳朵聽 3.have sth coming out of your ears coming out of (one's) ears 字面上的意思是「從某人的耳朵...

    • 請各位幫我解決以下的英文片語

      all ears: 洗耳恭聽 / at the tip of one's tongue: 差一點就衝口而出 / all walks of life:各行各業 / be caught red-handed:當場被逮 / (Your questions are too many for now. ^__^)

    • English slang??

      ...行為; 胡扯; 一派胡言 2.have steam coming out of one's ears 氣到冒煙 直譯: xx的耳朵噴出蒸氣,很像是卡通...the blue 訴苦 抱怨的意思 直譯:唱著憂鬱 8.who is your teacher 誰是你的老師