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  1. discretion is the better part of valour

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      羅莉知識長把最 基本的 A is part of B 的句型搞得天花亂墜,還自行改變題目 strategy = B 套回去上述的句型 how is A part of B 得到解答:獲取巨大利潤如何成為商業...

    • 英文句子或片語用法差異

      1. 請問Reading in the morning is part of his regular routine.若改成 Reading...s part of his problem.Falling over is part of learning how to ski.Cheating people...

    • 請翻譯一句英文+一點小問題(急!!!20點)

      as a result : 就結果而言; 所以說 be part of = belong to 屬於 be part from = separate from 自...but來連接. 原句等同於: = As a result, we are not part from, but part of, the rest of the nature. (2)為什麼the rest of the...