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  1. be particular over


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    • 1. 講究;挑剔 She is very particular over what she wears. 她對穿著十分講究。
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    • particular peculiar 意義上有什麼不同?

      ...她特有的微笑給我留下了美好的印象。 (過於)講究的;苛求的,挑剔的[(+about/over)][(+wh-)] She is particular about what she eats. 她過分講究吃。 細緻的,詳細的[B] The...

    • 有人可以幫我翻譯成英文嗎(急)

      ...影響你最深的人,因為自己會檢討反省,將來不能再犯同樣錯. The person being particular over you is always the one who has influences you the most because...

    • iterate over的意思?

      iterate over 有幾個不同的意思,可翻成 1. 遍歷 2. 循環遍歷 3. 循環訪問 4. 迭代