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    • 中翻英.me~mouse懷錶是me~mouse墜子延伸商品

      ...-Mouse pendent. This pocket watch not only serves as pendent, it can be used as time-keeping function. Maybe the product I ...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文文章 3 ~要通順~謝謝

      以下是我的翻譯,給你做參考: 第一個餅乾一半還沒有碰到,但是他能感覺到自己開始打寒顫,對他來說一件非常不循常的事情。這絕不會,他決定了,背包的帶子滑過他的肩,他跳起來並且輕快跑向小道。 (跑了)幾分鐘再次使他溫暖起來,他平靜下來開始穩定的闊步走,當他繼續下去時...

    • 幫我翻譯「最近生意好嗎…」

      ... just send me the sections with the necklace and the pendent from the/your catalogue.  In addition, I am also very interested in those jewelry sets, which you displayed...