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  1. be able to hear a pin drop

    • used to describe absolute silence or stillness
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    • 急!!請問:不可歸咎於某人的疏失、過錯,英文怎麼表達呢?

      ...過錯 The negligence or mistake that can not be pinned on sb to neglect (verb)疏失/疏忽的動詞 negligence (noun)疏失 attributed to us. [I try to be thorough/logically exhaustive with my writing...

    • 關於汽車零件的英文翻譯(英翻中)

      ...完成的連接法 Rather than the previous screw connection, in future the rail will be pinned to the selector fork. 在未來 selector rail 要跟 selector fork 一同上螺絲, 而儘量避免...

    • I wanted to....請問英文高手

      ... => Dr B 的故鄉 Iowa 州 I wanted to be the first Master in Dr. Boltinghouse home state of Iowa, and have him come to Harlan to pin me. 我要成為Dr B 的故鄉 Iowa 州的第一位碩士...