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    • 急急急 幫我照英文句子

      ... father has told me of your success, and I am very pleased about it. 你父親告訴我你成功了,對此我很高興。 I'm pleased...

    • 請幫忙看一下, 英翻中, 翻的ok 不ok

      ...您建檔. We are enthusiastically looking forward to this project and are pleased about having the opportunity to work together. 我們熱切的期望這一個計畫並且也非常...

    • 英翻中dennis pleased with his

      ... is pleased with his sand castle. be pleased with有好幾種語意, 此處意為「滿意於」. 丹尼斯對他的...補充: pleased (adj.) 高興的, 喜歡的; 滿意的[(+at/about/by/with)][+to-v][+that]