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    be poised for

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    • ph. 籠罩著…

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    • ph. 做出要…的姿態

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    • Be poised to 的意思

      Be poised to... 應準備 以下有一些例句猜考看看吧 Mianyang is found to be a high symmetric, low - ordered, and near - poised system . 通過深入考察研究綿陽旅遊業系統,發現...

    • 英文句子翻譯 (英翻中)

      Taiwan's business people are uniquely poised to draw on the mainland's talents and resources to bolster the...

    • 找意思較近者 ! (英文)

      The brown haze that is "poised" over some of the world's largest cities is properly...