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    be in a position to

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    • 請問please be position是什麼意思?

      please be position 請就定位 2010-02-23 15:21:14 補充: 我認為是 Please be patient. 敬請耐心等候。 這句話很常用哦~

    • 求”管理文章”上的英文翻譯..

      workers are positioned along a straight or linear production line that can be ...員工的工作速度來運轉。 Moreover ,this system is only efficient when large quantities of the same product...

    • 關於Avis Budget Group 網頁翻譯的問題

      1. The Avis brand was positioned as a leading supplier to the premium commercial... such as Where2 global positioning navigation 4.公司打算增加可選擇的保險商品...