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  1. to be precise

    • ph.
      used to indicate that one is now giving more exact or detailed information
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    • 這幾個英文單字的比較?

      ...exact thing ,rather than something vague . -----the precise location of wreck . 2.something that is precise is exact and accurate in all its details. They speak very...

    • 英文高手~~請教台藝夜考題

      ...38 補充: 翻譯題: One difference between math and language is that math is precise while language is not. 我是翻=>數學和言語之間有一個區別是數學是精密...

    • 商用英文信…中翻英 (超急件)

      (1) 機器的Z軸使用的是線性滑軌 (1) Machine Z-axis is using precise linear guide way (2) 機器使用的電極頭是一般標準的電極頭,它是屬於標準配備...