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    • 請問這句話怎麼翻比較好?

      ...芭芭拉已經幫你都準備好了麼? be all set (for sth/to do sth); be set for sth/to do sth be ready or prepared for sth/to do sth 準備好某事[做某事]: Are we all set? 我們都準備好了嗎...

    • 簡單英文造句(急)

      ...nothing. be related to It is not a good feeling to be related to a crime like this. prepare(sb.)for(sth.) This person should really prepare himself for facing the ugly...

    • 請幫我英文造句 越簡單越好

      ...你所說的與事實無關。 3. to prepare (sb) for (sth): He is preparing for the dinner. 譯:他正在準備晚餐。 4. to...譯:我寧可待在家也不要和他出去。 29. to be required to: The roof is...