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  1. be proficient at

    • ph.
      精通; 熟練
    • 釋義


    • 1. 精通; 熟練 She is proficient at this art. 她精通這種技藝。
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    • 請問一題英文翻譯 謝謝

      1~~ You can be a proficient at / in tea if you try out all kinds of teas...of teas. 3~~You are going to be an expert / a proficient if you try out all kinds of teas. 4~~ ...

    • 精通某項才能 翻成英文謝謝

      精通: to be good(great) at to be proficient in to master to be master of to perfect oneself in to be at home with 用法是後面加名詞或V-ing 上述片語單字均有「精通於某件事」的意思 至於才能是talent、gift 另外還有 endowment、 faculty這些比較難的字

    • 英文自傳問題..請文法高手能幫忙..

      ... Controller) As for [container terminal] (這是甚麼????), I am proficient at (已經說妳這個很拿手. excellent 不需要) proper handling and control. ...