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    • Be quiet is not difficult

      翻譯: 安靜並不難 是要問翻譯嗎??

    • be, 關係詞文法修詞

      Be careful, be quiet, be clear and introduce your ideas effectively 這類動詞開頭的句型...sure you state your opinion clearly, but do not make others feel that you are being arbitrary. 我們如果在說一個固定的常態 就用you are arbitrary...

    • quiet 的用法

      可以的,因為它不只有形容詞也有動詞和名詞 (形容詞)安靜的 例:Be quiet!--->安靜! (名詞)安靜 例:I'd like a few hours of quiet.--->我想要有幾小時的安靜。 (動詞)使安靜 就如你所說的 Quiet!