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    be ready for

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    • 問一句話的英文翻譯..

      The chances are ready for those who have already prepared. "機會是留給準備好的人" ^ ^正確...補充: 順帶說一下..我去問英文老師的~Ready在此句中有強調的意思!!for 在此句中是"給"的意思^ ^

    • be(get) ready to(for) 區別?

      ...準備好」做某事。 沒錯,物有時也會「準備好」,例如: The weather is getting ready for the picnic of tomorrow. 這是因為把weather擬人化了,語意上是通順的。 2015-03-14...

    • i am ready for ..請幫我翻譯...謝謝

      1.I am ready for some fun. 我準備好要去找樂子. 2.went the wind and out went the...