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    • mark?barber?refuse?Would you ?

      ...接受;不予考慮 you do not accept it or you do not agree to it. If someone is rejected for a job or course of study, 拒收;不錄用;拒絕接納 it is not ...

    • Why was my message rejected?信箱

      1、首先確認你的E-mail網址是否正確? 2、查詢你的網址是否在朋友的擋信名單? 3、查詢你的信件是否在朋友的垃圾名單? 4、如果以上還不能解決你的問題,建議直接寄信給客服部查詢。

    • please英文高手幫幫忙~中翻英(不要翻譯工具唷~) a tattoo master, Mr. Wen claimed that tattoos are not rejected by society anymore. Now, no matter if you are a retired ...