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    be reliant on

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    • 誰能幫我翻譯出英文跟中文就好

      A: China is just so reliant on coal, for, for heating for energy, is...industrial structure, then this, this over dependence on coal cannot be really changed. A:Yeah...

    • 國中英文文法

      ... an example of something 像﹐諸如﹐例如〔用於舉例〕The local community is still reliant on traditional industries such as farming andmining. 當地社區仍然依賴務農...

    • 專業性英文翻譯

      ... in global demand for hydrocarbons are not likely to change significantly even through 2030. 在極為...有巨大的改變。 The world will become increasingly reliant on hydrocarbons during our forecast period...