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    be reluctant to

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    • how to say this sentence?

      我很捨不得敘別 I was reluctant to say goodbye.reluctant 圖片參考: to part with them. 我很捨不得他們I hate to see (someone) go. 我戀戀不舍

    • appear+reluctant to

      appear可以當作seem的同義字,結構是 appear + (to be)補語。補語通常是名詞或形容詞性質的。所以接上relunctant是對的。如果成為副詞 be) rich. He appears to have been rich. 前面的括號中的to be是可以省去的。 He appeared a little upset. It appears...

    • ”我用盡所有力氣”這可以幫我翻成英文嗎?

      ...of it? With all energy drained and all endeavor tried, why am I still reluctant to relinquish it? 2008-10-31 21:59:05 補充: If what you are trying...