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    be resigned to the situation

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    • 怎麼翻I Can Live With That貼切地翻

      ...英文解釋 live with: To put up with; resign oneself to: disliked the situation but had to live with it. 大約就是...我們必須學著勉強接受對方/和平相處。 Is that a fact? 那是事實嗎?那是真的嗎...

    • 求職英文自傳..煩請大大們幫忙修正..謝謝

      ...manange things well organized I resigned Commication skill and leadership are mentioned, which may need to say more specific. The last paragraph seems to be your idea and...

    • 我想請問一句英文的意義

      ... didn't resign. He has been offered a better... use "after" to indicate the occurring order of these...think, in reality, this kind of situation is impossible. Of...