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    be resolved to

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    • 關於英文片語 be resolved to 的問題??

      "resolve"' 當成動詞是指下定決心 因此可以說 I resolve to be a writer. 但是"resolved"可以當成形容詞 所以可以說I was resolved to be a writer.

    • ”solve” and ”resolve” ?

      ...預算建議。 4. 使分解;解析;分辨[(+into)] Some chemical compounds can be resolved by heat. 一些化學化合物可以通過加熱分解。 5. 使變成[(+into)] The interview...

    • 請益兩題英文考古題

      ...should examine the process------ conflicts can be resolved. 1. by which 2. what 3. in which 4. on which...examine the process[, by which] conflicts can be resolved. 有了這個逗點, 先行詞是"We should...