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    be roasted alive

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    • The phantom of the opera ~急

      那波斯人是對的; 這房間果然很折磨人。 很快地,它變得像鍋爐般炙熱。那股熱氣令人難以忍受而Raoul和那波斯人幾乎喘不氣來。 那波斯人抱怨:「難怪可憐的Buquet死了,而不是像隻烤肉叉上的羊,他帶著絕望上吊了。」 他們必須想出辦法,但上頭的活動門是關死的...

    • 急救 翻譯英文短篇故事

      ... ache and wake up, finding me still alive, after being joyful, I stand up, smell dishes of fragrant...follow fragrant smell walk , find a big I of time of roast frogses, several hunger coming all over...

    • 急需5篇英文新聞標題

      ... restaurant, the Girl and the Fig, is an institution. Her latest, Estate... ($29) and the Pacific rock cod with wood-fire roasted Yukon golds ($22).