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    be run by electricity
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    be run by electrity

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    • 英文新聞翻譯→→英翻中

      ...than 26,000 households in Xindian, Taipei County, were hit by brief electricity outage after a power substation of the state-run Taiwan Power Co. broke down and injured six...

    • 英文小段文章翻譯(急)20點

      Thomas(湯瑪士)是一個有五年經驗的電報員 , 但他持續地花很多時間在他的工作上-傳遞的實驗 . 1868年他因電動投票紀錄器而獲得第一個專利 . 然而這電動投票紀錄器當時並不暢銷 . 1870年他以 40000 元賣了另一項發明 - 庫存收報機 . 庫存收報機是一台可以自動在紙帶上列印出庫存品...

    • 校正文章文法錯誤,已先自行翻過一次

      ...feel the time is running out, they will turn raise...check out what time it is, just like the much they should pay by touching the metal... cost of the electricity will be showed...