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    be scared of

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    • 三年前開始,我一直就很怕蛇~~~英文翻譯

      I have been scared of snakes for 3 years. 從三年前開始害怕... tells us the starting point of an action which is still continuing now. Ago tells...

    • 英文作業不會寫

      ... about global warming 人們對全球暖化日溢感到憂心 scared of---對...感到害怕 Some people are scared of the end of the world...

    • i was scared out of my wits的意思

      i was scared out of my wits的意思 out of one's wit..失去理智, 驚慌失措 翻譯...我被嚇的驚慌失措. 2006-06-28 14:59:39 補充: at one's wit end 黔驢技窮