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    • be動詞這個用法到底怎麼用阿?

      ...還有 must, may, might, ought to, should, would, will,等等 而你的問題 You have to be scared.你必須被驚嚇(??沒有前後文,聽起來怪怪的) You(主詞)have to(modal) be scared...

    • (英文)請英文高手造句~

      ...the phone. (接完電話之後Tina便繼續去唸書。) 9. The mouse was scared to death after seeing the big cat. (見到那隻大貓之後,那隻老鼠...

    • 誰可告訴我SCARY和SCARE的差別

      ...scared that the ship might be wrecked. 他們怕船失事。 My mother is scared to fly in a plane. 我母親怕搭飛機。 He was horribly scared...