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    • 1. 決定做某事

      He's set on going to university. 他決心要上大學。

      She's absolutely set on publishing as a career. 她決意從事出版事業。

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      21. Matthew was set on it. And Anne seemed nice enough. Matthew...? 你覺得他們怎麼樣呢? 27. I should think you’d be grateful to get them after those ragged things...

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      ...的退回信件予以設定條件: 1. Criteria to retain / archive or destroy should be set on the basis of the type of mail returned: that pertaining to customer information...

    • 請問一句英文(營14)

      The luxury tax is set to C on July 1, but it has already...分析? 主要子句:The luxury tax is set to TAKE EFFECT on July 1, 連詞BUT帶出...